A glimpse into the soul

Heirlooms from your best memories

Transforming your favorite photo into art so beautiful that it will become a family treasure. Marianna's technique brings out the warm details and emotion hidden in a simple photo, helping others see the beauty that made the moment special for you.

The process of a great portrait

It's all in the details

Process defined

It starts from your vision and can be based on a photo you've had for years. However, the absolute best portraits come start from a simple, focused photography session with Marianna, working with you to capture multiple angles and variations to bring your idea to life.

From the photo or photos, Marianna then proceeds to rough sketching of the portrait, to lay out the framing, proportion, and composition. You'll have an opportunity to see the sketch and provide feedback. From there, the real work begins to convert the raw medium into a work of art. Whether oil on canvas or simple charcoal drawing, the effort and expertise yield art as beautiful as your feeling for the subject.

Commission the artist

A grand gesture for a family, friend, or loved one.

Creating your custom piece of art

I put my heart and soul into each custom painting, incorporating your personal preferences and tastes. I welcome your feedback and collaborate with you throughout the creative process, emailing you as your portrait is being created, so that you can view the Work in Progress and give me your input. I enjoy working as a team and my clients tell me that they have fun working with me on their projects.

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Recent work


I heard some things last forever

“I heard some things last forever”, Oil on canvas, 24”x18”


Ocean Lace

Charcoal and chalk on cardboard

Contacting the artists

I look forward to creating a unique piece of art for you or your family, or answering any questions you might have about me or my art.

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